Regular Cleaning - Biweekly



We’re going to clean and disinfect all bathrooms, general dust, like furnitures, fans, baseboards, kitchen, kitchen appliances outside, vacuum carpets, vacuum floors, mop floors, trash removal outside.
We also make beds and change sheets, just leave clean ones on top of bed and we’re going to change.

Keep in mind: We gonna keep taking care about all the areas that we cleaned at the first time.

Attention: depending on how dirty it’s, the value go up

Additional information

Regular - Biweekly

2000 Sqfts, 2500 Sqfts, 3000 Sqfts, 3500 Sqfts, 4000 Sqfts, 4500 Sqfts, 5000 Sqfs, 5500 Sqfts, 6000 Sqfts


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